TKB Celebrating 32nd Anniversary : 3 decades of introducing colours, boldness & innovation to the Perak landscape

In a testament to decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, Team Keris Berhad Group proudly celebrates its 32nd anniversary on 5 December 2023. This milestone marks the passage of time and stands as a symbol of the company’s commitment to unparalleled success in the dynamic real estate landscape.

As a trusted brand committed to delivering quality, the company takes great pride in taking the leadership role to transform the new skyline in Perak through innovative and stunning landmarks in town. Over the years, TKB has transformed the character of many major townships in Perak through the re-imagination of living areas, green spaces and fostered a sense of community in all the treasured footprints left.

This year as the Company blows its 32 candles, TKB vows to continue to pioneer in exceeding expectations, sustainability & serve as a “social glue” in building inviting spaces where theatre of life takes places for one generation after another.

Happy 32nd birthday, TKB!! To many many more years of rewarding milestones moving forward.

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